Brethrens Kitchen

Warwick's Historic Tearoom

The Daily Board

Great Ambience

Delicious cakes

Nice people







Homemade Soup & chunky bread


Soup and Sandwich


Hot Cornish Pastie,

Cheddar, bread, pickles & salad


Toastie: Ham, mozzerella

& sun dried tomatoes




Apple Pie or Plum Tart with

Cornish Ice Cream or Custard


Short menu today  

as staff member poorly


Neville & Tina





































Looking for somewhere special ,

why not come to Warwick's quirky

14th Century Little Gem.



Look round the building and do your bit for our ex servicemen and keeping our spectacular building for the next generation.





















Find out more


Where are we?

The Lord Leycester Hospital Historic House

60 High Street

Warwick CV34 4BH

Free Entry to Tearoom

Tel:   07733550497


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